Thermaxx are designed and manufactured to suit refrigerated rigids

Designed and manufactured to suit refrigerated rigids, the Thermaxx Truck Bodies have high impact resistance and non-moisture absorbing properties. Thermaxx range extends from small UTE sized ready-to-deliver bodies, to 14 pallet fully customised bodies and everywhere in between, offering business solutions to small businesses, right up to global multi-national corporations.

4 year warranty on Thermaxx Advantage

Made from lightweight composites and industry-leading technology, Thermaxx Advantage is a lightweight refrigerated body with the lowest K Value on the market, which offers a greater payload on every drop, in turn, has less wear and tear and uses less fuel. I More info

Built tough to carrier more

Thermaxx Loadmaxx comes in a range of sizes between 3 and 16 pallet bodies and various floor, Loadmaxx bodies are strong and durable dry freight body. Made from fibreglass reinforced plywood (FRP) panels, aesthetically superior as it is tough. I More info

A fully customised solution

Thermaxx custom bodies are designed and built to suit the specific needs of customers and their business requirements. Whatever your request, our design team can custom make and hand build you your perfect business solution. I More info

15 hours without recharging

Thermaxx Cold Car eutectic refrigerated bodies are suitable for deep frozen goods or food service applications. Our systems are capable of maintaining temperatures on the road for up to 15 hours without recharging the system. I More info


Below are the World-class companies and products that have helped us create the most effective and efficient truck bodies in the Australian market, which has allowed small owner-operators to large corporate companies gain an Advantage in a competitive industry.