Thermaxx Advantage.
The most efficient & lightweight refrigerated truck body in Australia.

Woolworths delivery truck
Woolworths delivery truck

Made from lightweight composites and industry leading technology, Thermaxx Advantage is a lightweight body that offers a greater payload on every drop. The lighter body allows for the biggest legal payload available meaning less drops, less cost and greater efficiency. The Thermaxx Advantage body comes in a range of sizes from 2.2m to 9m, is made with quality stainless steel fittings and hardware and is foodsafe compliant. When it comes to the Thermaxx lightweight body, the Advantage is on your bottom line.


Lightweight composite materials
Insulated for refrigeration
Food safe compliant
Greater payload with every run
Thermo King compatible
Anteo Tail-Lift compatible


Minimum: 2 Meters
Maximum: 9 Meters
Minimum: 2 Meters
Maximum: 2.5 Meters (Legal Limit)