Thermo King and Anteo  24/7 roadside assistance.
Night or day, 24/7, we will be there.

TRS Thermo King Service

It is critical when the refrigeration unit on your vehicle breaks down on the road that repairs are carried out quickly. If not, you could lose your entire load. TRS offer a 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service to get you moving as soon as possible.

TRS Anteo 24/7 service

Our 24-hour Service is available for repairs to any make or model of fridge or tail lifts. Call 02 8822 8100 for more information on how we can help to keep you moving and take the frustration of breaking down away.

Truck and trailer body repairs any make or model, with one aim –
to get you back on the road fast.

At Thermaxx Truck Body Repairs – We Guarantee Quality Repairs. We never waste time repairing your truck, trailer or body, and will never do it in a reckless hurry. Our dedicated staff will consider the best approach without cutting corners. We have made a huge investment in modern

repair and diagnostic equipment, we will miss nothing and make sure you get the best high-quality repair service, whilst minimising off-road time. We can repair or replace all doors on truck bodies and trailers.

Thermaxx 3D Cad Design Centre is skilled at producing custom designs solutions for your business

Thermaxx bodies are all 3d cad designed

Thermaxx Custom Trucks
Thermaxx Custom Trucks
Thermaxx Custom Trucks

At Thermaxx Truck Bodies, we believe in building the most incredible custom bodies possible. We strive to find the best materials and components, develop the most efficient 3D Cad designs, and craft our trucks with the highest quality workmanship. That spirit of quality manufacturing and building for our customers is what has driven Thermaxx Truck Bodies to deliver intelligent solutions to Australia’s largest customers.

Whatever your business sector, we will work with you to provide a truck body that is a perfect fit so you can operate with confidence.
When you need to design a custom-built truck body that will outlast all our competitors, call or visit our sales team for an itemised quote and to have a 3 Cad drawing created for your review.
Call The Thermaxx Truck Body sales team on:

Fleet Service routine maintenance to keep your truck or trailers from breaking down

TRS Fleet Service at Wetherill Park

TRS Fleet Service’s aim is to function as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for its customers, taking care of all your service and repair requirements, providing both customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

During our routine services, our mechanics go through and thoroughly inspect your vehicle. We offer ad hoc service and repairs to scheduled preventative maintenance to a single truck or a whole fleet, so you can stay focused on running your business.