How a low ‘K’ Value can increase your profits

What is ‘K’ Value?

‘K’ Value is a value of the amount of thermal conductivity of heat, in watts, that is transferred into a truck or trailer body through leakage or failure of construction materials. In short if your panel is inadequately insulated or the construction methods are sub standard you will have a HIGHER ‘K’  Value. The LOWER the ‘K’  Value of the completed body the HIGHER Thermal efficiencies you will have.

Why is ‘K’ Value important to me and my business?

Testing is critical to those sectors that manage the carriage and cold storage of food and perishables, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, information technologies and livestock where accurate and consistent temperature control is required to comply with accepted safety standards.

These test results will also allow the buyer to now compare insulated bodies on their performance efficiencies and not simply on look, price or brand preference.

Knowing the actual ‘K’ Value of an insulated body allows accurately measured performance and capacity, durability and efficiency of cooling and heating systems.

Thermaxx is the only Australian rigid body builder to provide a ‘K’ Value tested to Australian Standards AS4982 on its product range.

SuperTest – Transport and equipment testing in real-world conditions

SuperTest is a significant, purpose-built environmental test centre that provides the mobile and stationary equipment industry with a total capability to test, in real-world conditions, HVACR cooling and thermal systems as well as any other component affected by changes in temperature and humidity. I More info

Thermaxx Refrigerated Truck Bodies tested by Super Test
At Thermaxx we thermally test our refrigerated truck bodies