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deliver more with every trip and save on running costs

Thermaxx was the direct result of many requests from our clients, who were calling out for a quality truck body range that was high on quality, but also had a support system in place to service those bodies”. Greg Woodley

Thermaxx was born from humble beginnings through Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS)  which was started by Greg Woodley over 40 years ago. Back then, Greg was a one-man operation, servicing refrigeration units throughout Sydney. Over 40 years on and TRS has grown to become one of Australia’s most trusted equipment and service providers to the transport industry and we have 140 staff members in NSW, VIC, SA and Queensland.

After 40 years of fitting quality products into sub-standard bodies, we identified a need in the Australian market for a higher quality truck body. We spent years of extensive research, working alongside key clients and their truck body and business requirements, to ensure we developed a superior quality range of bodies to meet the high demands of the Australian trucking industry. 

The Thermaxx range extends from small UTE sized ready-to-deliver bodies, to 10 metre fully customised bodies and everywhere in between, offering business solutions to small businesses, right up to global multi-national corporations. What’s your Advantage?

Greg Woodley early days of TRS
Greg Woodley with his Thermaxx refrigerated bodies built for Woolworths truck built Woolworths


Our staff explain what ‘K’ Value is and why it’s necessary


Our staff give you a quick rundown on Thermaxx benefits

‘K’ Value is a value of thermal conductivity of heat, in watts, that is transferred into a truck or trailer body through leakage or failure of construction materials.

Thermaxx Advantage truck bodies offering the highest thermal efficiency with the lowest “K” Value of any truck bodybuilder in the Australian market today.

Knowing the actual ‘K’ Value of an insulated body allows accurately measured performance and capacity, durability, and efficiency of cooling and heating systems.

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